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Here is the latest golf news and information from The Perfect Tee. (best plastic golf tee accessory) we think will interest you.


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More Features Of The Three Inch Perfect Tee

The "oversized" 3-inch Perfect-Tee, plastic golf tee works well for golfers and RE/MAX-LDA competitors who use drivers that have larger heads and/or who like to tee their golf ball up high. More...

Stay Tidy with the Perfect Tee

Apart from helping you play better golf, and saving you money in the long run - because it is unbreakable, super-strong aero-space composite material. More...

From Wooden Tees To The Perfect Tee: Evolution of the Golf Tee

Back in the 1700s, golf tees were made from mounds of sand where the golf ball would balance on. The wood golf tee was invented and patented by Dr. William Lowell, a dentist, in 1921 and was called "The Reddy Tee". More...

The Consistent Perfect Tee

When using a wood golf tee, it can be difficult to set the golf ball and tee to the same exact height each and every time. But with The Perfect Tee, plastic golf tee's two legs and arch design, you get a consistent - and repeatable- ball height each and every time. More...

The Perfect Tee Help Keep Golf Courses Beautiful

The Perfect Tee, plastic golf tee is not only a great tool to help play better golf, it is also visually appealing and has an upscale and high tech appearance. More...

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The Perfect Tee
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The Perfect Tee National Video
National video commercial on the Perfect Tee. View larger version...
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Advantages of the Perfect-Tee
The Perfect-Tee provides greater confidence and consistency.
Our Guarantee
Our guarantee to you.
Hit Straighter & More Accurate Drives With The Perfect Tee Golf Tee
Survey results indicate users hit straighter and more accurate drives with the Perfect Tee compared to a wood golf tee.
Play more Consistency & Confidence Golf with The Perfect Tee Plastic Golf Tee
Survey results indicate users play more consistence with the Perfect Tee compared to a wood golf tee.
Consistent Ball Height
The two legs and arch design of the Perfect-Tee assure consistent ball height each and every time.
Conforms with USGA and R&A Rules
Official letters that The Perfect Tee is accepted.

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