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About the Perfect Tee - Plastic Golf Tee Accessory

The Perfect Tee (TM) is a golf accessory using advanced technology that helps you play better golf, guaranteed unbreakable and is idea for use with oversize and normal drives.

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Features and Benefits

  • Maintains consistent ball height to ensure more reliable clubhead contact at impact.
  • Provides a solid launching pad. The Perfect-Tee(TM) has an oversized head for holding the ball securely.
  • Trajectory can be varied to accommodate high wind conditions.
  • Promotes mental confidence about hitting the ball.
  • The 0-rings protect the face and sole of expensive metal woods - eliminates wood tee damage and markings.
  • The Perfect-Tee(TM) can be used as a ball mark repair tool - encourages ball mark repair.
  • Excellent sighting tool for lining up long putts.
  • Excellent for cleaning scoring lines on the face of clubs and golf spikes
  • Two versions available - one for woods and one for irons.
  • Golfer only has to carry two tees during play.
  • The Perfect-TeeTM comes in several lengths and color combinations.
  • One Year Warranty under normal usage. The Perfect-Tee(TM) is made with durable, aerospace-composite material.
  • Guaranteed Tee: game enhancement money back performance guarantee

Improve your game.....

Consistent Ball Height, Solid Launching Pad, Longer and Straighter Drives, Improves Confidence, Variable Tragectory, Eliminates Tee Box Debris, save thousands of trees and is permitted under "Rules of Golf".

Good For Golf and Golf Courses:

  • Eliminates debris on the tee box.
  • Speeds up play - tee is easy to find because of attractive color combinations.
  • Encourages golfers to repair ball marks on green.
  • Eliminates the need to carry a "handfull of tees" in your pocket.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Good For The World:

  • The Perfect-Tee(TM) is a "Green" product.
  • The Perfect-Tee (TM) could save approximately 500,000 trees per year, which are currently used to make wood tees. Most users are hitting their golf ball longer and straighter when using the Perfect-Tee(TM). We call this, "Game Enhancement".
  • Permitted for use "Under the Rules of Golf"

The "Swiss Army Knife" of tees helps any golfer PLAY BETTER GOLF!

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    • About The Perfect Tee

    About The Perfect Tee : Plastic Golf Tee

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