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Playing golf requires confidence and consistency that leads to "playing better golf".

The Perfect-Tee provides greater confidence and consistency:
  • Consistent and repeatable ball height positioning due to the two legs and arch design of the Perfect-Tee. When using a wood golf tee it is difficult to set the golf ball and tee to the same exact height each and every time.
  • Improved stability and more solid launching pad because of the Perfect-Tee's head is 18% larger than a regular wood golf tee. The larger head also keeps the golf ball from falling off of the tee in high winds.

The Perfect-Tee allows a golfer to do things that a wood tee cannot do:
  • Straighter, more accurate, and longer drives can be achieved due to the Patent Pending aerodynamic construction of the Perfect-Tee head and body.
  • A lower or higher trajectory shot can be achieved by slanting the Perfect-Tee forward or backward without the golf ball falling off the tee.
  • Golfers who use an oversized driver head and/or like to tee the golfball up high can now use the three inch Perfect-Tee.
  • Long putts may be sighted more accurately by placing the Perfect-Tee upside down on the ball mark and sighting the cup through the two legs of the tee.
The Perfect-Tee also provides other added benefits to a golfer:
  • It is unbreakable due to the use of super-strong aero-space composite material.
  • Ball marks and divots can be easily repaired with the Perfect-Tee. It also can be used to clean the club face and shoe spikes.
  • It is visually appealing due to its unique, solid, upscale, and high tech appearance.
  • "If you don't play better golf when using the Perfect-Tee you can get a full refund." This is a written guarantee.
  • Golf course beauty and appearance are enhanced due to the elimination of unsightly broken wood golf tees and debris which also can cause damage to lawn mowers.
  • The environment is improved by eliminating the need to cut down trees to make wood golf tees.

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