From Wooden Tees To The Perfect Tee: Evolution of the Golf Tee

Back in the 1700s, golf tees were made from mounds of sand where the golf ball would balance on. The wood golf tee was invented and patented by Dr. William Lowell, a dentist, in 1921 and was called "The Reddy Tee". Prior to that, .

In early 1997, ACORN Golf, Inc. was founded to design and produce a new, innovative, and proprietary golf tee, called the Perfect Tee. It would be made of super strong aerospace-composite material along with many other desirable playing benefits and features.

In 2000, The Perfect Tee, plastic golf tee was officially announced to the golfing world at the Orlando 2000 PGA Show.

Since then, over 1,000 testimonials have been received from golfers, at all levels of playing ability (from PGA professionals to beginners), telling us in their own words, how the Perfect Tee has allowed them to "play better golf."

By the end of 2002, the Perfect Tee had been sold to an estimated 500,000 golfers and has also been chosen the "Official Golf Tee" of the Long Drivers of America.

Today, The Perfect Tee product line includes the popular 3-inch Perfect Tee for those using oversized driver heads and/or wish to tee the ball up high, a 2.25-inch Perfect Tee for normal driver heads and ball height, and a 1.5-inch to be used with irons or fairway woods off of the tee box.

To try it out for yourself, check out our Online Order Form and choose which size suits your game!

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    From Wooden Tees To The Perfect Tee: Evolution of the Golf Tee

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