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Golf Tee Questions
Yes. The Perfect-Tee has been approved for use under the Rules of Golf by the USGA and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Fife, the two governing bodies of golf. It has also been tested and approved by PGA Tour Partners after on-course testing by 750 members.
Yes, there are utility and design patents pending on the Perfect-Tee.
The 2.25 inch long tee is used with regular size driver heads, the 3.0 inch is used with oversized driver heads and/or for golfers who like to tee their golf ball up high, and the 1.5 inch short tee is used with irons and fairway woods off the tee box.
Many PGA professionals officially use and endorse the Perfect-Tee. Many PGA touring professionals on the PGA, SPGA, LPGA, and Buy.com also "unofficially" use and endorse the Perfect-Tee. Paul Runyan who won 50 PGA Tournaments, including the 1934 and 1938 PGA Championships, "officially" endorsed the Perfect-Tee, and stated the following, "The Perfect-Tee is the best golf tee in the world" and "the Perfect-Tee is just that"perfect!" Mr. Runyan is ranked 16th all time based the number of his PGA wins.
We estimate that over 500,000 golfers are using the Perfect-Tee and the number is growing substantially each day. Over the past four years ACORN Golf has received over 1,000 testimonials from golfers at all levels of playing ability telling us in their own words how the Perfect-Tee has allowed them to play better golf.
Over the past four years, we have received over 1,000 letters, FAXes, notes, etc. from golfers that basically say the following: "There's something about the Perfect-Tee that golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to pros, find unusually satisfying. The Perfect-Tee allows most golfers to hit the most enjoyable golf shots of their life. The Perfect-Tee allows most golfers to play with more confidence than ever before. The Perfect-Tee allows most golfers to play more consistent golf, resulting in more accurate and longer drives than ever before. The Perfect-Tee makes hitting the golf ball more satisfying, more often. We recommend that all golfers should take the Perfect-Tee for a test-drive. It truly is the only way to really understand the Perfect-Tee". Please see "Advantages" of the Perfect-Tee. Also, read the testimonial letters and quotes from golfers. Summary: When a golfer uses the Perfect-Tee there is a very good chance they will "play better golf".
To the best of our knowledge there are no other golf tees like the Perfect-Tee available. The Perfect-Tee is innovative, proprietary, and has patents pending. The Perfect-Tee is the first major improvement in golf tees in over 80 years.
The Tee-Keeper provides a convenient place to store up to three Perfect-Tees. It can be easily attached to a golf bag, golf cart, or belt loop.

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Sales / Ordering Questions
If you are a consumer/golfer and your local golf course or golf shop does not yet carry the Perfect-Tee, you can purchase the Perfect-Tee directly from The Perfect-Tee's web site at www.theperfecttee.com.
The Perfect-Tee comes with two warranties and guaranties: 1. The Perfect-Tee comes with a warranty against breakage. This is because it is made from super-strong aero-space composite material. 2. The Perfect-Tee comes with a guarantee that allows a golfer to get their money back if they don't feel they have played better golf when using the Perfect-Tee.
The Perfect-Tee is made from very expensive, super strong aerospace composite material. The Perfect-Tee costs approximately what one golf ball costs and no golf ball can do for a golfer what the Perfect-Tee can do i.e., allow a golfer to "play better golf".
At this time, the Perfect-Tee comes in yellow, white, and lavender. The Perfect-Tee can be purchased in any PMS color when 10,000 tees or more are purchased.
The long driver Perfect-Tee (3.0 inch and 2.25 inch) can be printed with names, logos, and telephone numbers in any PMS color. It takes about 6 weeks for the printing and the minimum quantity is 1,000 Perfect-Tees.
There are different packaging configurations available: a five pack (5 sleeves of Perfect-Tees in a green gift box with a clear lid and gold band) a sleeve of Perfect-Tees (two 2.25 inch and one 1.5 inch, or one 3.0 inch and one 1.5 inch) and bulk.

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