• Hit Straighter & More Accurate Drives With The Perfect Tee Golf Tee

The 18% larger head, construction, relief hole and o-rings create a stable launching pad that squares up the club head with the ball more precisely.

Survey results indicate that compared to a wood tee:
  • 55% of first time users hit straighter & more accurately
  • 95% of those who have used the Perfect-Tee an average of 59 rounds hit straighter & more accurately
Here is what some Perfect-Tee users say:

"I can't put my finger on exactly why I'm hitting the ball longer and straighter but hey I'm not going to argue with my new found success."

Ron Heller
Camarillo, CA

"I have been hitting the ball off the tee box longer and straighter and the only thing that I've changed is switching to the Perfect-Tee."

Fred Rodriguez
Head Golf Professional
Rancho La Quinta, CA

"My miss hits go 20 yards longer than I had been experiencing using a wood tee. My conclusion is that the Perfect-Tee is even more forgiving when I make a poor hit."

Frank Browning
Riviera CC
Los Angeles, CA

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