The Perfect Tee vs Wooden Tees

The Perfect Tee, plastic golf tee allows a golfer to do things that a regular wood tee cannot do. You can hit straighter, more accurate, and longer drives with the Perfect Tee, due to it's aerodynamic construction.

It won't break for most golfers and swing speeds and can provide stability for your golf ball while on the tee as opposed to a wooden tee which may be wobbly. It provides the same height every time due to it's arc construction.

For a lower or higher trajectory shot, simply slant the Perfect-Tee forward or backward without the golf ball falling off the tee. Long putts may be sighted more accurately by placing the Perfect-Tee upside down on the ball mark and sighting the cup through the two legs of the tee.

Want more information? Check out our Comparison Chart between the Perfect Tee and Wooden Tees.

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    • The Perfect Tee vs Wooden Tees

    The Perfect Tee vs Wooden Tees

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