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  • Comparison of 3.0" Perfect-Tee and Wood Tee

Comparison of 3.0

Features and Benefits Comparison For Long Drive Competitors Between 3.0" Perfect-Tees and Long Wood Tee


Long Wood Tee

3.0" Perfect-Tee™


Initial cost lower

Cost over multiple hits much lower due to not breaking. Can be big major overall savings to Long Drivers

Hit Longer


Reports of 20 yards longer to no difference

Hit Straighter/More Accurate


Reports of dramatic increase in inbounds shots

Won't break

Reports of breakage every 1 to 20 shots

Unbreakable for most golfers and swing speeds

Adjustable trajectory

Not adjustable

18% larger head allows golfer to hit with lower or higher trajectory

Stability of golf ball on tee

Wobbly -- particularly when teed high

Solid launch pad

Same Height Every Time

No -- difficult to set up

Arc construction provides same height every time and much easier to set up.

Set up time/difficulty

Difficult to set up -- particularly under pressure of time in contests.

Major and important improvement for those in competition. Reduces stress and allows more concentration on drive.

Play with more consistency & confidence


Much improved over wood tee

Approved by USGA and R & A



Susceptibility to Flying


Somewhat more due to greater mass. Reduced by retention teeth and when put in all the way to arc and when arch faces green.

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