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Here is the latest golf news and information from The Perfect Tee. (best plastic golf tee accessory) we think will interest you.


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What People Are Saying About The Perfect Tee Plastic Golf Tee

Survey shows that golfers that use The Perfect Tee hit straighter & more accurately (55% of first time users) compared to a wooden golf tee. Also, 95% of The Perfect-Tee plastic golf tee users hit straighter & more accurately (an average of 59 rounds). More...

The Perfect Tee: Eco-Friendly, Visually Appealing and Handy!

The Perfect Tee is visually appealing with its unique, solid, upscale, and high tech appearance. It is also virtually unbreakable because it is made of super-strong aero-space composite material. More...

Golf Tees - An Essential Tool For Golfers

While golfers are not required to use a golf tee when teeing shots, most of then do. Why so? A golf tee supports and raises the golf ball above the ground and by raising it, the ball sits on a more stable position. More...

Special Online Sale: Buy Five, Get One Free!

Check out our best package deal ever! Buy five of our 3" packs and get one 5-pack golf tees for Free! Each pack has Five 3-inch tees in a zip-lock bag & 1 pack is free. If you select the '"mixed" color option, will receive 2 yellows, 2 whites and 2 reds. Or you can email us any color combination within 24 hours and we will mail you that combination! More...

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The Perfect Tee
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The Perfect Tee National Video
National video commercial on the Perfect Tee. View larger version...
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Advantages of the Perfect-Tee
The Perfect-Tee provides greater confidence and consistency.
Our Guarantee
Our guarantee to you.
Hit Straighter & More Accurate Drives With The Perfect Tee Golf Tee
Survey results indicate users hit straighter and more accurate drives with the Perfect Tee compared to a wood golf tee.
Play more Consistency & Confidence Golf with The Perfect Tee Plastic Golf Tee
Survey results indicate users play more consistence with the Perfect Tee compared to a wood golf tee.
Consistent Ball Height
The two legs and arch design of the Perfect-Tee assure consistent ball height each and every time.
Conforms with USGA and R&A Rules
Official letters that The Perfect Tee is accepted.

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