Comparing The 3" Perfect-Tee Vs Wood Tees

If you're wondering what the benefits are of switching to the Perfect Tee, plastic golf tee, let's compare it to a regular wood tee:

1. Difficulty of Setting Up: A wood tee can be difficult to set up, particularly under time pressure during tournaments. The Perfect Tee is easy to set up and reports major and important improvement for those in competition. This reduces stress and allows more concentration on drive.

2. Cost: While the Long Wood Tee may cost less, the 3" Perfect Tee is made of unbreakable material which means you don't need to buy too many of it in the long run. So the cost over multiple hits is much lower due to it not breaking and can be big major overall savings to Long Drivers.

3. Breakability: A regular wood tee reports of breakage every 1 to 20 shots while the Perfect Tee is unbreakable for most golfers and swing speeds.

4. Adjustable Trajectory: The Perfect Tee's 18% larger head allows a golfer to hit with lower or higher trajectory by slanting the Perfect-Tee forward or backward. The wood tee is not adjustable.

5. Straighter Shots: The Perfect Tee reports of dramatic increase in inbound shots for most golfers while a wood tee produces standard shots.

For a more detailed comparison, click here.

Try The Perfect Tee for yourself and see the difference! Purchase it at our Online Order Form that uses safe and secure PayPal.

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    • Comparing The 3" Perfect-Tee Vs Wood Tees

    Comparing The 3

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