The Three Versions of the Perfect Tee

The Perfect Tee, plastic golf tee has three versions available - one for fairway woods and irons, one for standard drivers and one for oversized drivers.

The 1.5" Short Tee is designed for Irons and Fairway Woods while the 2.25" Standard Tee is perfect for standard drivers.

The 3" "Oversized" Perfect Tee was designed for competitors who use drivers that have larger heads and/or who like to tee their golf ball up high. It incorporates all of the features of the standard 2.25" Perfect Tee but also incorporates new "retention teeth" that minimizes and/or eliminates tees from flying after being struck by a golf club while hitting a golf ball off a tee box.

The O-rings on all versions protect the face and sole of expensive metal woods and eliminates wood tee damage and markings. It is also great for cleaning scoring lines on the face of clubs and golf spikes.

So try it out for yourself! Visit our online shopping cart and choose your Perfect Tee sizes and colors.

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    • The Three Versions of the Perfect Tee

    The Three Versions of the Perfect Tee

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