The Perfect Tee In Numbers: Survey Results

We believe that it is important to get customer feedback on how our product performs. Since consumers are generally skeptical of a manufacturer's promotional claim, most potential users would like to know what the experiences of current users have been before buying it.

Over the past years, ACORN Golf has received data inputs from its customers and users regarding the Perfect Tee, Plastic Golf Tee. These have come in the form of testimonial letters, notes with payments, questionnaires, and telephone calls.

Among customers surveyed were first-time users who were given free tubes of Perfect-Tees and a questionnaire to fill out. Re-ordering users were also surveyed to see how they like the product so far and finally, testimonials were gathered from 40 of the hundreds of testimonial letters which ACORN Golf has received to date from avid users.

To see how the Perfect Tee fared, read the results!

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    • The Perfect Tee In Numbers: Survey Results

    The Perfect Tee In Numbers: Survey Results

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