Proper Ball Positioning and The Perfect Tee

Making sure your ball position is correct is an important part of the game. When driving, if you stand too far from the ball, it pulls your upper body downward. You may end up compensating while trying to stand your body up through impact, possibly leading to a slice. If you stand too forward, your shoulder is open to the target, which may result in an out-to-in swing and also possibly a slice.

To ensure correct ball positioning, tee up the ball to be just inside your left heel. Make sure the butt of the grip at address is about 6" from your body.

To improve your golf game even further, try the Perfect Tee, plastic golf tee. It maintains consistent ball height to ensure more reliable club head contact on impact. The Perfect Tee also provides a solid launching pad and it's oversized head can hold the ball securely.

Not convinced? Try it out for yourself! Our Sampler Set allows you to try all of our sizes and watch your game improve!

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    • Proper Ball Positioning and The Perfect Tee

    Proper Ball Positioning and The Perfect Tee

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