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Professional Golf Tee Testimonials
Pat Dempsey In-The-Grid

As of yesterday, I was introduced to a product that will become a main stay in our line of work. After being in "long drive" for a while, I've seen improvements in every category of equipment with the exception of the tee department. I have seen some great inventions in the past 2 years, with the making of personalized tees, and I myself have used the lag bolt / grip combination, with much satisfaction. The only problem is, we have to constantly build the tees and then we end up leaving them all over the place. Getting to my point, I was asked to use a product called the "Perfect Tee". Many of you know of this product, but probably haven't tried it because it didn't get the ball up high enough for our type of drivers. Anyway, to my surprise, the company has made a tee measuring 3 ". Now, for anybody using the 3 1/4 " wooden tee, it ends up being the same height. Without going into the perks, the main reason I'm writing you, is to let you know that you can e-mail the company and ask for some tees prior to going to Mesquite. The LDA has made this product the official tee of the LDA and they will handed out in Mesquite. I thought that if you are interested in the product, you should try it as soon as possible. The company, Perfect Tee, will send any of you the product, free, so as to give you a few extra days to get acclimated to it. If you are going to leave for Mesquite early in the week, you can see me there and get what you need. This is not only for the people going to Mesquite! If you are a long driver and you want to try it, just e-mail them at, . I have only worked with the tee for 2 days, and so far all the results are great. But, my take on on everything is, "there's no opinion like your own" , so give it a try and let them know what you think.

Pat Dempsey
Horsepower Golf

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