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Professional Golf Tee Testimonials
Gerald A. Garrison
28 Willow Oak Court
Littlerock, Arkansas 72211

April 25, 2000


I have now practiced and played with the Perfect-Tee for two weeks, including two Senior Tour Qualifiers. All total at least eight rounds!

I have missed one fairway off the tee and that was trying to drive a green. The ball landing in a bunker in front of the green on line.

Where I have used the short tee for irons and short woods, I am 98% accurate.

Please note I am a very straight hitter anyway. But I do feel more (and see) consistency in trajectory and contact due to consistent ball height. I must assume this leads to more effective distance due to less anxiousness about what s going to happen. I believe it does help in being more imaginative in your shot selection.

In summary, I am convinced it has helped and I will continue to use the Perfect-Tee instead of conventional wood tees.

It is more durable and takes less space in your pocket then conventional tees.

Jerry Garrison

PGA Professional Senior Tour

ref no:5022

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