Comparing The Perfect Tee Sizes

The Perfect Tee, plastic golf tee comes in three sizes, the 3", 2.25" and the 1.5" tee.

While all of these help the golfer maintain a consistent ball height to ensure more reliable club head contact at impact, each size also works well with various types of golf clubs.

The 1.5" Short Tee is designed for Irons and Fairway Woods. The 2.25" Long Tee is good for Standard Drivers while our new 3" Extra Long Perfect Tee works well with Oversized Drivers.

But whatever size you use, the Perfect Tee will help improve your stability and create a more solid launching pad because of it's 18% larger head.

So check it out for yourself! Visit our online shopping cart and choose your Perfect Tee sizes and colors.

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    • Comparing The Perfect Tee Sizes

    Comparing The Perfect Tee Sizes

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