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More Features Of The Three Inch Perfect Tee

The "oversized" 3-inch Perfect-Tee, plastic golf tee works well for golfers and RE/MAX-LDA competitors who use drivers that have larger heads and/or who like to tee their golf ball up high.

The Perfect Tee has been thoroughly tested by PGA professionals, low and high handicap amateurs, and by many members of the Long Drivers of America, and now RE/MAX competitors, and found to perform as advertised, producing longer, straighter, and more accurate drives.

The 3-inch Perfect-Tee is designed to incorporate all of the features of our standard 2.25-inch Perfect-Tee, but also incorporates new "retention teeth" that can minimize or eliminate tees from flying after the club hits the golf ball off a tee box.

In addition to its playing benefits over traditional wood golf tees, the 3-inch Perfect-Tee also offers a significant cost savings because it doesn't break like oversized wood tees.

Lastly, with its 18% larger head, the Perfect-Tee provides a stable launching pad when balls are teed up to the higher heights required by oversized drivers. There's a reason why The Perfect Tee is approved for use under the Rules of Golf by the USGA and the R&A.

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