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  • The Perfect Tee Is A Great Sighting Tool For Long Putts

The Perfect Tee Is A Great Sighting Tool For Long Putts

While it's exciting to be able to hit a long drive, it's the long putt that keeps your score low and can help you win a game.

To increase your chances of getting close enough to the hole for a two putt, take a wider stance when you address the ball. This makes your strokes more natural regardless of how far away from the hole. Also try to visualize the speed it will take for the ball to reach the hole and how long a stroke you will use.

Lastly, make sure you have the Perfect Tee, plastic golf tee with you. It is an excellent sighting tool for lining up long putts. Place the Perfect-Tee upside down on the ball mark and sight the cup through the two legs of the tee.

Lastly, the Perfect Tee also gives the golfer improved stability and a more solid launching pad because the head is 18% larger than a regular wood golf tee. The larger head also keeps the golf ball from falling off of the tee in high winds.

Try it out for yourself! Visit our online shopping cart and choose your Perfect Tee sizes and colors.


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