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  • Hitting Long Drives And The Perfect Tee - Plastic Golf Tee

Hitting Long Drives And The Perfect Tee - Plastic Golf Tee

Patience and concentration are needed to be able to hit long drives successfully. To get that extra distance, teeing the ball properly and getting as much club head speed as possible are important.

One way to achieve a long drive is to use a driver which is designed to hit the ball as far as possible.

Also, try to tee the ball so that at address, the top edge of the driver meets the midpoint of the golf ball.

Lastly, use The Perfect Tee. It gives the golfer a consistent and repeatable ball height positioning due to its two legs and arch design. The Perfect tee, plastic golf tee also improves your stability and creates a more solid launching pad because The Perfect Tee's head is 18% larger than a regular wood golf tee. The larger head also keeps the golf ball from falling off of the tee in high winds.

So try it out for yourself! Visit our online shopping cart and choose your Perfect Tee sizes and colors and read more about our Guarantee!


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