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  • The Perfect Tee: The Only Tee You Need In Your Pocket!

The Perfect Tee: The Only Tee You Need In Your Pocket!

The Perfect Tee, plastic golf tee uses advanced technology to help you play better golf, guaranteed unbreakable and is ideal for use with oversized and normal drivers.

The Perfect Tee has an oversized head for holding the ball securely and maintains consistent ball height to ensure more reliable club head contact at impact. This helps promotes mental confidence about hitting the ball.

Lastly, the Perfect Tee is made with durable, aerospace-composite material so it is virtually unbreakable and eliminates the need to carry a "handfull of tees" in your pocket!

So try it out for yourself! Visit our online shopping cart and choose your Perfect Tee sizes and colors and read more about our Guarantee!


Perfect Tee Product Shopping Cart
The Perfect Tee online order form to purchase golf tees and accessories

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