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  • Hit Straighter and More Accurately With The Perfect Tee

Hit Straighter and More Accurately With The Perfect Tee

What makes The Perfect Tee, plastic golf tee such an invaluable tool not he golf course? It has an 18% larger head compared to a regular tee, giving your golf ball a solid base to stand. The larger head also keeps the golf ball from falling off of the tee in high winds.Plus, it's construction, relief hole and o-rings create an even more stable launching pad that squares up the club head with the ball more precisely.

Survey results indicate that compared to a wood tee, 55% of first time users hit straighter & more accurately!

So try it out for yourself! Check out our online Shopping Cart and play better golf today!


Perfect Tee Product Shopping Cart
The Perfect Tee online order form to purchase golf tees and accessories

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