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  • Golf Tee Sweepstake Contest Winners
  • Frank Fonseca of California
    Sweepstakes Winner (1/16/2013)
  • Richard Parsekian of South Carolina
    Sweepstakes Winner (4/13/2012)
  • Kathleen Baker of Oregon
    Sweepstakes Winner (8/3/2011)
  • Rosalie Stream of North Carolina
    Sweepstakes Winner (1/23/2011)
  • Kris Khemani of California
    Sweepstakes Winner (6/21/2010)
  • Andrew Peck of Arizona
    Sweepstakes Winner (8/23/2009)
  • Greg Detmer of Minnesota
    Sweepstakes Winner (3/12/2009-8/18/2009)
  • Steven Young of San Francisco
    Sweepstakes Winner (8/17/2008-9/29/2008)
    Play Better Golf - "Improve your game dramatically just by changing your tees."

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