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    ( Image 26 of 33 ) Photo From: The Perfect Tee Plastic Golf Tee Directory Photo Gallery / The Perfect Tee (TM) is a plastic golf tee accessory using advanced technology that helps you play better golf, guaranteed unbreakable and is idea for use with oversize and normal drives.
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    Perfect Tee Product Order Form
    The Perfect Tee online order form to purchase golf tees and accessories
    Advantages of the Perfect-Tee
    The Perfect-Tee provides greater confidence and consistency.
    As Seen In TV Golf Tee Video
    Featured at many venues, events, etc.
    Evolution of the Golf Tee
    See where The perfect Tee falls in the evolution of the golf tee.
    Our Guaranteed
    Our guarantee to you.
    Hit Straighter & More Accurate Drives With The Perfect Tee Golf Tee
    Survey results indicate users hit straighter and more accurate drives with the Perfect Tee compared to a wood golf tee.
    Play more Consistency & Confidence Golf with The Perfect Tee Plastic Golf Tee
    Survey results indicate users play more consistence with the Perfect Tee compared to a wood golf tee.
    Consistent Ball Height
    The two legs and arch design of the Perfect-Tee assure consistent ball height each and every time.
    Conforms with USGA and R&A Rules
    Official letters that The Perfect Tee is accepted.

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